Heart Disease

Heart Disease

At Girling Health Care of New York, highly skilled staff members are trained to care for patients with the chronic conditions associated with heart disease. When managing heart disease becomes too difficult to manage, our care professionals can provide the kind of support and assistance you deserve.

Our highly skilled staff can help you live more comfortably by providing the following services:

  • Personal care, including bathing, dressing, and taking care of other areas of basic cleanliness
  • Introduction of a personal emergency response system at home
  • Medication management to make certain you are taking the right medications at the right time, therefore preventing potentially dangerous drug interactions or side effects
  • Assisting with insurance benefit questions
  • Assisting with Doctors visits in the home
  • Arrangements for getting medical equipment and other supplies for home use

Our professionals include:

  • Registered Nurses will evaluate your needs as it relates to heart disease or any other condition you might have and develop a personalized plan of care for taking the proper medications, monitoring your blood pressure and teaching a heart-healthy diet to manage your heart disease in the comfort of your own home.
  • Physical Therapists will evaluate the symptoms of heart disease and heart failure and how they can change over time. They can assess how these symptoms affect you and your activity tolerance.  A thorough evaluation will be performed that will include reviewing your medical history, prior level of function, medicines and current symptoms.  The evaluation will also include a strength and balance assessment, cardiovascular endurance and an assessment of physical activity.
  • Certified Home-Health Aides who can provide personal care (such as bathing or dressing). They can also shop for and prepare heart-healthy meals that may be prescribed by a dietitian to help you manage your weight and keep your and blood pressure stable, as well as assist with activities of daily living.
  • Licensed Social Workers who can assess your physical, functional, emotional, environmental, and social needs and offer strategies and resources for support.

If you or a loved one has heart disease, please reach out to a Girling Health Care representative. Just call, fill out the form, chat or click on this link for our patient referral form.

Information about heart disease is right at your fingertips. The following organizations offer information online that can help you become more familiar about heart disease, its management, and possible complications, as well as guiding you to health care professionals who can help you manage your condition.